Train songs have been a pop music staple for years. So, it wasn't unprecedented when Miami's Quad City DJ's hit the top of the charts with one of the summer's biggest dance floor smashes, "C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train)."

What's unusual is that the song spawned its own dance craze. The Train is giving the Macarena a run for its money in discos across the nation."I tried to design the song for dance clubs and radio," said Johnny (Jay Ski) McGowan, half of the Quad City production duo. "I guess you never know, but I sort of had a feeling it would catch on. We've always aimed for the ultimate crowd-participation record."

In 1993, McGowan and partner Nathaniel (C.C. Lemonhead) Orange struck gold with an out-of-the-blue sensation titled "Whoot! (There It Is)," by their group 95 South. The novelty record sold several million copies and became an anthem at sporting events.

"Our music is not difficult at all," the 29-year-old McGowan said. "What happens is, you go to work all day, and when you get home, the last thing you want to do is get your brain working again to figure out a record. We make no-brainers. You could call `C'Mon N' Ride It' silly. I say it's not silly - it's simple by design. We could come up with these difficult records with all these complicated changes, but that's not us at all."

"C'Mon N' Ride It" is taken from the Quad City DJ's album, "Get on Up and Dance" (Quadra-Sound/Big Beat/Atlantic), which is rising in the top 50 albums chart. The duo recently submitted the title track for the upcoming Michael Jordan film "Space Jam," due this fall.

McGowan, who cites '70s disco acts B.T. Express, Brass Construction, Cameo and Barry White as primary influences, doesn't believe the Train is in competition with the Macarena.

"The Macarena has been around for years," he said. "It was a Spanish hit three years ago. I don't compare my record because the Macarena is an international hit all over the place. These are dance crazes from different worlds."