Mark Twain once said, "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." What he didn't know is that two Utah public school teachers would eventually prove him wrong.

Teachers Clayton Brough and David James have posted their new Utah Center for Climate and Weather on the Internet at It has extensive information about Utah's climate and weather.

According to Brough, KTVX-TV climatologist and geography teacher at Eisenhower Junior High, "Our intention is to make the UCCW a reliable site for students, scientists and members of the general public who want to learn more about Utah's climate and weather."

The site will be run by professional public educators but will not be controlled by any educational institution or governmental agency. Also, the site will not cater to sponsors, so it won't have annoying pop-up commercials.

"The amount of information and links on the site is very minimal to what it will contain within the next 12 months," said James, a geographer and earth science teacher at Pleasant Grove Junior High.

Brough and James, who also serve as adjunct geography instructors for Brigham Young University., said other professional educators and atmospheric scientists are invited to join the Web site's "board of consultants."