No criminal negligence was involved in the death Friday of a Bountiful junior high student on Lagoon's wooden roller coaster, the Davis County attorney said Tuesday.

County Attorney Mel Wilson issued a statement that the death of Kilee King, 13, was an accident, based on information developed by the Farmington Police Department's investigation."After reviewing the witness statements and evidence, the Davis County attorney's office has concluded that there is no evidence which would justify the filing of criminal charges for criminal negligence on the part of Lagoon or its employees," Wilson said in a press release.

Jeff Jacobson, the Farmington detective who investigated the death, would not release any information on his findings, saying it had been turned over to the county attorney's office.

King died shortly before 6 p.m. Friday when she apparently slipped loose from a restraining bar in the roller coaster's first car, stood up and then fell 35 feet to the ground. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A passenger in the car, the lead one on the coaster train, remained in the seat, and the restraining bar was locked in place when the car returned to the station, Lagoon officials said after the accident.

Lagoon is conducting its own investigation into the incident, according to spokesman Dick Andrew, and the ride remains closed until that inquiry is complete.

Ride safety experts from other parts of the country are being brought in to study the coaster and its operations, along with Lagoon's safety program, according to park officials.

A similar investigation was conducted when a 6-year-old Bountiful boy died May 1 after wriggling loose from restraint devices and falling through the tracks on Lagoon's children's roller coaster, "Puff the Little Fire Dragon."

The boy was struck by the cars as they returned to the station after making a circuit around the tracks. A similar police investigation of that incident also concluded that no criminal negligence was involved.

The children's coaster reopened two weeks ago after some changes were made in the ride's braking system, an additional restraint device was installed, and the attendant booth was relocated to increase visibility, according to Lagoon officials.

The park itself remained opened after both incidents, with only the individual rides involved shut down for investigation.