Republican Margaret Dayton has been appointed by Gov. Mike Leavitt to serve out the remaining four months of former Rep. Lee Ellertson's term in House District 61 in Orem.

Dayton is currently the GOP candidate in the district. She will face Democrat Alan D. Avans and Independent American Gordon Norman in the November election.Ellertson has held the seat since 1982. Ellertson announced during the 1996 Legislature that he wouldn't seek re-election this year. He resigned his seat after Leavitt recently appointed him to the state Industrial Commission.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Dayton worked five years as a registered nurse. She has served on the boards of the College of Eastern Utah, the Utah State Vocational Applied Technology Council and the Utah Women's Legislative Council. She's also worked as the state legislative chairwoman for the Utah Medical Association Alliance and volunteered on Provo's Freedom Festival.