Defrocked evangelist Jim Bakker revealed he contemplated suicide after his disgrace in a sex scandal, and his wife Tammy Faye said the trauma was so great that she could hardly get out of bed each morning.

"I wanted to commit suicide, but my faith in God kept me from doing it," Bakker said in taped interview aired this week on Fox Broadcast-ing's "The Late Show."Bakker and his wife, Tammy, interviewed at their Palm Springs, Calif., home, said they will do more to minister to "hurting people" after their own ordeal.

"The other ministers who don't like me too well, they can minister to the wealthy people; I'll minister to the hurting people," Bakker said.

"As long as I live, I will never forget those people," Mrs. Bakker added.

Speaking of her own experiences, she recalled, "I'll never forget the stomach ache every day when I woke up. I'll never forget not wanting to get out of bed because it hurts too bad to face the world."

But the Bakkers said that if they can survive, then "anyone out there can survive anything."

Bakker, who built a multimillion-dollar television ministry, stunned followers of his "PTL Club" television ministry on March 19, 1987, by admitting he had a single sexual encounter with a church secretary seven years earlier.

Bakker handed his $172 million PTL television and entertainment ministry over to the Rev. Jerry Fal-well, fundamentalist founder of the Moral Majority, and both Bakker and his top aide, Richard Dortch, resigned.