A Bountiful man accused of rolling back the odometers of used cars and selling them for more than their actual value has been charged with 36 criminal counts in 2nd Circuit Court.

Barry K. Burnham, 58, was charged with 12 counts each of making a false odometer statement, forgery and theft in a scheme alleged to have gathered up to $25,000.Deputy Davis County Attorney Robert Hart said Burnham is accused of purchasing 12 used cars from automobile leasing companies between April and September 1987 while he was working as a salesman for Bountiful Motors.

Hart said Burnham is believed to have rolled back the odometers on the vehicles, in some cases by as much as 40,000 miles, altered their titles to reflect the changes, then sold them to unsuspecting car dealers who sold them to customers.

An investigator for the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles investigated Burnham after noticing someone had used a pen to change the number of miles listed on a title to one of the vehicles, Hart said.

George Koroulis, owner of Bountiful Motors, was charged with 12 counts of assisting an unlicensed salesman in the case.

Hart said Koroulis was not suspected of actively participating in odometer tampering and theft but only of allowing an unlicensed salesman to work on his lot. Koroulis pleaded not guilty May 4, but a trial date has not been scheduled.