City officials want to triple Mayor Dan McArthur's salary to $30,000 a year, making him one of the best-paid mayors in the state for a city of its size.

The average annual salary for a part-time mayor in Utah was $14,142 last year, according to figures compiled by the Utah League of Cities and Towns,That figure does not take into account mayor's salaries in larger cities, most of which have full-time mayors.

McArthur's annual salary is now $11,095. Officials here point to the city's continued growth as justification for the pay raise.

But other growing cities still pay less.

Layton, for instance, pays its mayor, Jerry Stevenson, $15,600 a year, up from $12,000 last year. It is growing at a rate of 9 percent annually, with a population of more than 52,000 compared with St. George's 42,000.

In Orem, part-time Mayor Stella Welsh is paid $14,456 annually to head the city of 88,000.

Logan's mayor makes $50,000 a year as a full-time mayor, according to the city's chief of staff, Jim Ferguson.

That city's population of 38,000 is slightly lower than St. George's.

This year's city budget for St. George also includes a proposal to increase each City Council member's annual salary from $7,135 to $12,000. Both sets of salary increases tentatively are scheduled for discussion at the council's July 18 meeting.

The proposals were made by Councilwoman Sharon Isom, who wanted to bring the salaries of the mayor and council members into line with the $27,820 paid to Washington County commissioners.