A decision on the fate of an American Greetings plant in Brigham City has been postponed for 30 days, Manager Rod Malsom said Monday.

The company is evaluating several of its 15 units across the country in terms of their impact on profitability, he said. The postponement will allow company officials time to gather more information.Malsom said there is a trend in many major corporations to re-evaluate and ask, "Are we doing this the right way?"

The Brigham City plant has 163 employees and was opened 12 years ago. "The reasons they opened a plant in Brigham City in the first place are still there," Malsom said. "They will stay the same unless there is a basic change in the company's philosophy. The longer the decision takes, the more optimistic I've become."

The plant does not make greeting cards but makes party favors, ribbons, wrapping paper, paper cups, plates and napkins and similar items.