Alcohol may have been a factor in the death Monday night of a Provo man who crashed into a Provo Canyon cliff at 96 mph.

John T. Perkins, 21, 663 N. University Ave., was eastbound near the Olmstead Power Plant at 8:25 p.m. when he lost control of his vehicle. His car skidded 654 feet, flipped 11/2 times and crashed into a cliff.Orem Public Safety Sgt. Fran Fillmore said the impact ripped Perkins' car apart, sending pieces in all directions.

Fillmore said there "was no evidence that Perkins hit the brakes."

Perkins' body was found by his wife, who had followed him in another car.

She said her husband had been drinking all day and had left home following an argument. She said he sped up when he saw her car following his.

He was taken to a Provo hospital, where he was pronounced dead.