A software problem has delayed the opening of Lagoon's newest ride, the Top Eliminator dragster, by at least several weeks.

According to Lagoon spokesman Dick Andrew, the ride's construction at the park has been completed, but the manufacturer has experienced some glitches in the software for the race cars. The ride should be open in two to four weeks.The $1.2 million thrill ride will have four lanes and is located at the north end of the park, just west of the Paratrooper and Skyscraper rides. It will give drivers a chance to race up to 75 mph down a 195-foot acceleration track in 2.8 seconds while pulling 2.8 G's.

Drivers control the acceleration but not steering or braking. The ride will use 140 feet of track for automatic braking.

The 300-horsepower Top Eliminator will cost $15 for a two-time race down the track. That cost is in addition to regular park admission fees and costs the same as the Sky Coaster - Lagoon's towering swing ride that opened last year.

Top Eliminator will accommodate about 60 drivers per hour. Advance reservations can be made once it opens. All drivers must be at least 54 inches tall - Lagoon's most stringent ride restriction.

Andrew said Lagoon is also hoping to open another new ride next year, a river rapids, located east of Pioneer Village. Ground is already being cleared for that attraction.