The CUP still runneth full, but not over.

The Central Utah Project survived with full funding for construction next year as the House approved an appropriations bill Tuesday. The Senate is expected to consider the bill later this summer.The bill includes $143.7 million for the CUP, the exact amount the Reagan adminis-tration had proposed. Almost all of that is for the CUP's Bonneville Unit, which is designed to bring water from eastern Utah to the Wasatch Front. Only $345,000 of the amount is for the CUP's Uintah and Jensen units.

Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah, whose district encompasses most of the CUP area, said, "We did not suffer a cut like we did last year. . . . (The bill) is in line with the 10-year master plan to complete the project by 1995."

He added, "I am glad that the funds will be available as intended for the CUP. It ensures development of irrigation and maintenance, as well as development in the Uintah Basin."