Homicide detectives met Daniel Eugene Binick at an airport here and escorted him to jail to face charges for the 1975 slaying and attempted robbery of a local tavern owner.

Officer Michael Hensley said Binick was booked into a city jail Tuesday to await a bail hearing. He was formally charged with murder.Binick, 40, who had been free on bond in Utah, is charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery with a deadly weapon in the March 5, 1975, slaying of Walter Seborowski, shot in the back during an attempted robbery of his tavern in Baltimore.

Binick, wanted on a fugitive warrant since shortly after the slaying, had been living in Utah under the name Jerry LeBeau. He has long been active in Alcoholics Anonymous, founded a Narcotics Anonymous group and spent his Sundays cooking for the homeless at a soup kitchen, said friends who had petitioned Utah Gov. Norm Bangerter to block extradition.

Binick surrendered himself to the FBI on March 14 following a soul-searching visit to a monastery, his attorney said. Binick said he had been thinking about it a long time, having grown tired "of living under a shadow and looking over my shoulder all the time."

Deputy Salt Lake County Attorney Bud Ellett said the surrender came at a time when the FBI had become aware of Binick's whereabouts and an arrest was imminent.

Binick had waived extradition and returned to Maryland voluntarily, said his lawyer, Kendall Hatch.

"We have decided to waive extradition and go back to Maryland on our own," Hatch said earlier. "We're not interested in having agents from Baltimore come out here and fly him back to Maryland handcuffed and ankle chained."

The extradition request was received from Maryland Friday and Bangerter, unaware of Binick's plans to go to Baltimore, signed the papers late Monday, said press secretary Francine Giani.