Three more Republicans have announced their candidacy for the Utah Legislature, two of whom will challenge incumbent Democrats and the third who will challenge an incumbent Republican.

- F.E. Monte Draper will seek the District 30 seat held by Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake.Draper is campaigning on a tax-limitation and budget-cutting platform. "The only way to reduce the cost of living is to reduce salaries," he said, noting that small businesses have taken the lead in that regard.

The current form of government has "made drones from workers," made wealthy people poor, made the poor homeless and "provided the greedy the method to grow wealthy from the backs of the poor," Draper said.

- Former state Rep. Clark L. Reber has announced his plans to seek the House seat he lost to Rep. Kurt Oscarson, D-Sandy.

"I am especially anxious to tackle the problem of waste in government, reduction of the heavy tax burden on our people and removal of the obstacles to adequate funding reaching the classroom in our overcrowded schools," Reber said.

Reber served two terms in the House and says he is experienced and willing to face the tough problems facing the state.

The District 42 seat includes Sandy and White City.

- Republican Joseph Covey Richards will challenge Rep. Afton Bradshaw, R-Salt Lake, for the House District 28 seat.

"Government should operate on the basis of certain principles and not try to solve each new problem based on how much money there is or how much tax we can tolerate," he said.

Richards is also campaigning on a reduced-tax platform, criticizing the incumbent for voting for four of five tax increase bills.

"Taxes can be moderated in several important ways," he said. "Privatization is being used more and more, which often reduces costs. Waste is an important problem that must constantly be pursued, and non-essential programs, which have proven ineffective or outmoded, can be eliminated."