Robin Williams dominated the American Comedy Awards ceremonies by winning four awards honoring him as a standup comic and as a movie star for his madcap disc-jockey role in "Good Morning, Vietnam."

Williams was honored as the funniest male performer of the year, the funniest male standup comic, the funniest male performer in a comedy special, Comedy Relief '87, and the funniest male performer in a movie, last year's hit comedy about a disc jockey trying to make sense or nonsense of the Vietnam War.British comedian Tracey Ullman scored as the funniest female performer of the year and her series, the "Tracey Ullman Show," garnered her the award for funniest female performer in a leading role in a TV series.

Garry Shandling, host of "It's Garry Shandling's Show," took the award for funniest male performer in a TV series.

The awards, staged by George Schlatter, were presented during a two-hour ABC special Tuesday at the Hollywood Palladium.

An annual Lifetime Creative Achievement Award was given to producer Blake Edwards, whose films include "The Pink Panther," "10," and "Victor Victoria." Lifetime achievement awards also went to Imogene Coca and George Burns.