We recently printed a question from a reader who wondered where she could purchase tops and pins for her Skittles game. She didn't know the name of the manufacturer. Nor did we. However, we printed her question in our column and asked readers who had Skittles games to let us know who made it.

They did. Monday morning, our phone mail was replete with responses from readers who took the time to look at their Skittles game to find out who made it.Murdel Manufacturing Co., doing business as Carrom Co., in Ludington, Mich., still makes and distributes Skittles. You can order parts by calling 1-800-845-1263. The customer service agent we spoke to said new tops, twine and pins cost about $9.

The suggested retail price of a new game is about $45.

A local retailer called the Red Balloon sells Skittles games. It has two locations: 2033 E. 33rd South, and 879 E. 94th South.

Epilady sequel

The woman who wants to purchase an Epilady may be interested in an offer from a reader who has one that's brand new and unopened. She offered it at a garage sale for $20. No takers.

She'll sell to you if you want it. She bought it for $49.95.

Give us a call and we'll set you up.

Alzheimer's information

SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - Alzheimer's disease, which normally afflicts people over 60, also can occur at an early age, say medical specialists.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, causes of the disease are not known but heredity seems to play a role. It attacks the brain, causing impaired memory, thinking and behavior.

"At the Heart of Alzheimer's," a new guidebook on caring for those afflicted with the disease, says since no clinical test exists to diagnose Alzheimer's, it is determined by eliminating all other possible medical causes.

"Though incurable, certain drugs and a calm, supportive environment can help ease symptoms," it adds.

The book also suggests that those caring for people with Alzheimer's should become informed about the disease, consult the physician, share responsibilities with other family members, join support groups and learn how to manage the patient's changing behaviors.

The guidebook was underwritten as a public service by Manor HealthCare Corp., a care-provider for those with Alzheimer's, and is available at no cost by calling (800) 979-2273.