Narayani P. Singh, research professor in the University of Utah School of Medicine, is chairman of the Second International Conference on Low Level Measurements of Actinides and Long-Lived Radionuclides in Biological and Environmental Samples, to be held in Akita City, Japan, May 16 through 20.

The conference deals with various biological and environmental aspects of actinides (uranium, thorium, plutonium) and long-lived radionuclides that are either naturally available in the environment or produced from the nuclear industries.A special topic of general interest of the comparable behavior of radionuclides produced from the Chernobyl nuclear accident, global fallout of nuclear testings in the environment and its transfer to humans.

Singh is the founding chairman of this international conference committee, and will be presenting one of the lectures.

He will also speak at the Akita University School of Medicine.