Per capita personal income in Utah during 1987, as a percentage of the national average, dropped to its lowest point in nearly six decades, the Utah Taxpayers Association says.

In a Monday news release, the statewide tax watchdog group said Utah's per capita personal income is only 73 percent of the national average.Jack Olson, the association's executive vice president, said Utah ranked 48th in the nation last year with a personal income average of $11,246, compared with the national average of $15,340.

"This comparison put the average Utahn's income at 73 percent of the U.S. average," he said. "At no time in the past 58 years has Utah's ranking dipped so low."

Olson said that in 1986, Utah's average personal income was 75 percent of the national figure. In 1965, Utah's personal income was 85.3 percent of the national average, but it has declined steadily since then to 82.1 percent in 1975, 80.1 percent in 1980, and 75.7 percent in 1985.