A man who has lived an exemplary life in Salt Lake County for the past 12 years was scheduled to arrive in Maryland Tuesday afternoon to face charges he killed a Baltimore bar owner.

Daniel Eugene Binick, 40, had decided to travel to Baltimore with his attorney and close friend, Kendall Hatch, rather than with Baltimore authorities, who would have come to Utah when a judge ordered him extradited.Binick was released from the Salt Lake County Jail May 2 after a 3rd Circuit judge reduced his bail to $10,000. He had been in jail since turning himself in on March 14.

But Baltimore prosecutor Mark Cohen is not impressed by Binick's turning himself in or by his coming to Baltimore on his own.

Friends of Binick, who had lived in the Murray area under the name Jerry LeBeau, have started a legal-defense fund to help him fight the charges.

Binick is wanted in the murder of Walter Seborowski, 52, who was shot in the back during a robbery at his Baltimore tavern on March 5, 1975. The incident received much publicity because Seborowski was a World War II hero, having escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp.

Prosecutors filed murder charges against Binick more than a year later. Most recently, however, a grand jury has upheld those charges and issued an indictment for murder, Cohen said.