AMAX Magnesium Corp., with state assistance, is poised to begin the three-month task of dredging the inlet channel from the Great Salt Lake to the massive pumps, making it possible to lower the lake an additional 3 feet.

Gov. Norm Bangerter said AMAX has agreed to spend $700,000 on the project."I'm grateful that the combination of pumping and drier weather has lowered the level of the lake," Bangerter said. But "we are not out of the woods yet. Continued pumping will further protect vital infrastructure, including highways and railroad facilities, sewage-treatment facilities and wildlife management and recreation areas."

The governor said the lake is still 4.65 feet higher than after the 1983 floods. He also said that a storm several weeks ago drove waves over the dikes protecting I-80 and damaged the Southern Pacific Railroad causeway, forcing its closure for a short time.