A Coalville man will face separate trials on charges that he made sexually explicit films showing a teenage boy and a teenage girl involved in various acts, a 3rd District judge has ruled.

Judge Pat D. Brian also said Monday that he will rule during jury selection next month on a request for a chance of venue.Arvin V. Moore, 39, a lifelong Coalville resident, is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, three counts of conspiracy to distribute pornographic material, two counts of dealing in harmful material to a minor, one count of supplying alcohol to a minor and one count of supplying cigarettes to a minor.

Prosecutors said they have two videotapes - one showing a 17-year-old girl and the other showing a 16-year-old boy - engaged in various sex acts. Brian scheduled separate trials for June 7-8 and July 14-15 because the two teens were not on the tapes together.

Defense attorneys also argued that an impartial jury could not be seated in Summit County, but Brian said up to 55 potential jurors will be called and he will rule then whether the trial must be moved.

"We'll take it to another county if we can't get a fair trial in Summit County," he said.

Normally, 28 people are called for jury selection.

Moore was arrested Jan. 11 after Summit County deputy sheriffs discovered video tapes showing teenagers involved in various sex acts. Deputies said they interviewed two youths who said they were paid to perform on the tapes.

The girl, now 18, told officers she was paid $200 to make the tape. The boy was given $150 cash, beer and cigarettes to perform, officers said.

Moore remains free on $10,000 bond.