Utah apricot growers may need to take precautions now to prevent a fungal disease that causes slightly raised brown spots on their fruit.

The disease is called coryneum blight of apricots."The spots may be so numerous that they grow together and produce irregular patches of brown cracked skin," said Sherm Thomson, Utah State University plant pathologist. "The fruit will still be edible, but it is not pretty to bottle."

Thomson said the infection takes place in the spring during rainy weather, when the fruit is quite small.

"If you had spots on the fruit last year, now is the time to treat," he said. "Treat the fruit when it's about the size of a pea."

The problem can be prevented by spraying with any of the following fungicides: ziram, zineb, chlorothalonil (Liquid Fungicide Daconil) or any of the fixed-copper fungicides.