Davis County school teachers are seeking a 4.3 percent wage hike for 1988-89, even if that means class sizes increase or programs are curtailed.

"I think teachers are tired of the shortfall falling on them," Davis Education Association President Beth Beck said.A recent survey of DEA members shows 90 percent said they want a pay increase even if it means program reductions or class-size increases, she said.

Davis teachers got a 2 percent cost-of-living allowance in the 1986-87 school year and nothing this year, Beck said. Meantime, the cost of living has risen about 4.7 percent in two years.

Contract talks between the DEA and the Davis School District started about a month ago.

However, Davis District Assistant Superintendent Stephen Ronnenkamp, who heads the district negotiating team, said the district this year will be hard-pressed to come up with money for lane changes and annual increments, much less cost-of-living increases.

Lane changes refer to the educational level teachers attain - those with graduate degrees make more money. Increments refer to the year-to-year increases teachers get with experience.

Lane changes will cost the district approximately $250,000, while increments in 1988-89 will run about $1.1 million, Ronnenkamp said.

"We certainly think that teachers need to be paid more than what they have been," he said. "We're very aware, of course, there has not been an increase over the last few years. We're sensitive to that and know morale is low."