Jo Brandt, Reba L. Keele and Maggie Laun recently were named recipients of the Susa Young Gates Award for their contributions to the community and their efforts to advance human rights.

The three were honored at the 16th annual Susa Young Gates Awards Luncheon at Paiolo Restaurant in the Brickyard Plaza.Brandt is a licensing coordinator in the division of real estate of the Department of Business Regulation. She has been instrumental in updating the division, and has helped to institute many money-saving procedures there. She also has been Director of Consumer Protection and assisted many women who had complaints but previously had nowhere to turn. She has served as a representative in the Utah Legislature, has owned her own small business and has served as the executive director of the League of Women Voters.

Under Brandt's direction, the League of Women Voters was involved in the passage of the ERA, support of Title 9 programs, registering women to vote and encouragting women to become more actively involved in the political system.

She is a former member of the Safe Drinking Water Committee, presently serves on the YWCA Board of Trustees, is on the board of trustees of the Community Action Program and the board of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Dr. Reba Keele is a professor of organizational behavior at Brigham Young University. She has spent hundreds of hours mentoring young women there. She has served on the Women's Advisory Committee, has been director of the Honors Program and has been coordinator of the Human Resources Program.

Keele was one of the founders of the Consortium for Utah Women in Education and of HERS/West (Higher Education Resource Services in the Rocky Mountain region). As a member of the Utah Board of Regents, she was particulaly vigilant over matters that would affect women students, staff and faculty in the state's institutions of higher learning.

She has been director of the Center for Women's Health at Cottonwood Hospital Medical Center, and as a champion of human rights, is a popular consultant and lecturer around the country.

Maggie Laun was one of the founders and creators of Utah Peace Test, an organization committed to non-violent direct action to end the arms race. Her efforts to organize locally around the issue of nuclear weapons testing resulted in the active participation of hundreds of Utahns in demonstrations locally and at the Nevada Test Site. She also has helped to foster a growing local awareness of the issues surrounding nuclear weapons testing.

Laun's involvement in this issue covers the full spectrum. She formed and directed committees, spoke publically, organized the office and encouraged women to take an active part in the organization's decision making.

For the past two years, Laun also has been the guiding force for the Women Aloud radio project on KRCL Radio. She conceived, initiated, organized and in large part created the first Women Aloud weekend of radio programming by women.