Gubernatorial candidates Ted Wilson, a Democrat, and Merrill Cook, an independent, think the state's "Utah: A Pretty, Great State" advertising campaign is money misspent.

Both Wilson and Cook said if they were governor, they wouldn't have spent the $200,000 of taxpayers' money on a campaign aimed at making Utahns feel better about their state. They also question the timing of the ad campaign, believing it politically motivated to make voters feel better about things in general and state government in particular.Gov. Norm Bangerter approves of the campaign. He's running for re-election this year against Wilson and Cook.

The challengers said the money would have been better spent on attracting outside business or tourism to Utah. "We already know our state is a great state," Wilson said. "We don't need to be told that."

Along with about $100,000 in private donations, the $300,000 advertising campaign will reach some outside audiences, since broadcast ads reach surrounding states.