Citing his good prison record, the Utah Board of Pardons has given a 1992 parole date to a 32-year-old man who tortured and robbed a 65-year-old man.

"You have an absolutely outstanding institutional record, but this is one of the scariest crimes one could commit," said Board Chairwoman Victoria Palacios. "It puts me in a quandary."It's like I'm not talking to the same person," she said.

Byron Carpenter entered the home of the victim with an accomplice, looking for insurance money they believed the man received from his wife's recent death.

Carpenter put a sheet over the man's head and cut his thumb with a knife to force him to reveal where the money was. The other thief cut the throat of the man's pet dog to stop its barking.

Unable to find any money, the two stole property valued at $1,300 from the man's home.

Carpenter told the board he was under the influence of cocaine and seeking money to buy more drugs when he committed the crime.

But Carpenter, who began serving a five-year-to-life sentence for aggravated robbery in April 1987, told the board Friday he has changed.

Carpenter's prison record shows he is involved in substance-abuse therapy, has a good work ethic, exhibits leadership qualities and has broken no rules.

The board gave him a parole date of April 28, 1992, after serving five years in prison.

Carpenter's parole conditions include intensive parole supervision, random urinalysis and continued substance-abuse therapy. Carpenter also must pass a 90-day review before his release.