Hundreds of charging students hurled firebombs and rocks at riot police Monday after a student committed ritual suicide to demand the release of all political prisoners.

Fighting occurred at Korea and Sungkyunkwan universities in different parts of Seoul after police fired tear gas to stop 1,200 students marching into the streets to honor the death of Cho Sung-man, 24."Down with the military dictatorship," students screamed as they pelted riot police with firebombs that exploded in sheets of flaming gasoline. No serious injuries were reported.

At least 3,000 students and dissidents staged peaceful protests at other colleges and at Myongdong Cathedral, where Cho stabbed himself in the stomach Sunday before jumping from the top of a three-story building.

Hundreds of mourners, some of them weeping, lit incense or left white and yellow flowers at a makeshift altar outside the cathedral. Students marched around the cathedral compound shouting slogans and speakers urged passersby to fight the government.

"Free all prisoners of conscience immediately," the protesters shouted.

Cho, who shouted anti-government slogans before leaping, left a note calling for reunification of north and south Korea and saying that the south was not a democracy. He demanded the release of all political prisoners.