Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait, one of the comedy world's most outrageous and loudest creatures, will be in Salt Lake City May 20.

Goldthwait will perform at the Capitol Theater at 8 p.m., with opening act David Spade. Tickets are $15 and are available at the Salt Palace, Cosmic Aeroplane and all Smith's Tix outlets.Goldthwait is probably best known for his maniacal appearances in three of the "Police Academy" movies. He also co-starred with Whoopi Goldberg in "Burglar" and will star this summer in a new film, "Hot to Trot." In this movie, he will play the roommate of a talking horse.

"Reckless abandon" is the way his press agent describes Goldthwait's stand-up act. The comedian once performed an HBO monologue while taking a shower, and on the first annual Comedy Awards Show, broadcast live, he lashed out at the script, complaining: "I can't read this crap; this is the . . . they write for Bob Hope."

Raised in Syracuse, N.Y., Goldthwait developed his comic persona working Boston's comedy clubs in the early 1980s. His high-pitched, high-paced delivery - full of screams, snarls and whines - grew out of his intense nervousness on stage. Today it's his signature.

"Mr. Goldthwait's comedy isn't all screaming and smut," a "New York Times" reviewer propounded a couple of years ago. "A discerning critical intelligence keeps percolating through the facade."