The House Interior Committee has given its approval to an omnibus lands bill allowing four Utah cities to either buy, trade for or remove restrictive clauses in deeds to federal lands.

Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, a member of the committee, said the bill would help Farmington; Riverdale, Weber County; Kanab and Brigham City.The bill would enable Farmington to swap a parcel of land near a U.S. forest for a parcel near the center of town that is owned by the U.S. Forest Service.

Riverdale would benefit from the removal of a restrictive clause that had allowed 13 acres of former federal land near a freeway to be used only as a park. That city would like to develop it into an industrial park.

The bill gives Kanab the right to buy 1,380 acres from U.S. Bureau of Land Management at fair market value. Planned uses include an airport, golf course, parks and private development.

The bill would also allow Brigham City to eliminate restrictive clauses that allow 106 acres at the former Intermountain School site to be used only for educational purposes. Changes would allow a golf course and parking lot there.