One of three men charged in the shooting death of a bar bouncer last December joined his co-defendants Friday in the state prison.

Savelio Fuga, 27, who pleaded guilty in January to attempted second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault, was sentenced Friday to 1 to 15 years on the attempted murder charge and 0 to 5 years on each of the aggravated assault charges. Fourth District Judge Ray M. Harding ordered the sentences to run concurrently."I'm glad we're finally able to conclude the case," said Utah County Attorney Steve Killpack. "It's been a traumatic experience for many members of the community."

Fuga's guilty pleas followed a plea agreement in which the state dropped first-degree murder charges against him in exchange for his testimony during the March trial of co-defendant Ranala Mane.

Mane was convicted March 25 of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Silver Spur bouncer Michael Brown. Brown was shot twice in the face, once in the back and once in the chest. Two other men were wounded in the early morning shooting Dec. 20.

According to witnesses at Mane's trial, Mane and Fuga had been involved in an altercation with Silver Spur bar bouncer Tom Tromley earlier that evening and had threatened to return and kill him.

Mane was sentenced to 5 years to life in the state prison on the murder charge, 1 to 15 years for attempted second-degree murder and two terms of 0 to 5 years for convictions of aggravated assualt. His sentences were ordered to run consecutively.

A third defendant, Lene Tauiliili, was sentenced last month to 1 to 15 years following his no-contest plea to manslaughter in the case.

The defendants, Somoan nationals, are expected to be deported after being released from prison.

Harding rejected a request by defense attorney Thomas Means to sentence Fuga to a year in the county jail. With five months already served, he said, another year would make 17 months - just four months short of a 21-month recommendation by Adult Probation and Parole.

"He fully accepts responsibility," Means said. "He understands the need for punishment. I think he has done everything the state has asked him to do."

Harding said he would pass Means' recommendation on to the prison parole board for its consideration.

Killpack said Fuga had cooperated with the state, but reminded Harding that "a man is dead. He was killed in cold blood. Mr. Fuga was involved."

Fuga declinded to make a statement prior to being sentenced.