The Alpine School Board has increased student fees for 1988-89, but the school district hasn't decided whether to impose a $20 truancy citation.

The truancy fee has been allowed by the Legislature, but Alpine administrators have not decided whether to assess the fee, though it is technically part of the fees listing. Money from the citations would be used to support the district's anti-truancy program.Gary Keetch, administrator of secondary schools, said the truancy fine was included on the fee schedule just in case it's needed.

"It was placed on the schedule in order to allow for its adoption if it becomes necessary," he said.

The fee schedule was approved during a board meeting Tuesday. Other new fees were approved for seventh- and eighth-grade students, who now will pay a $2 fee for lab classes in art, computers, homemaking, shop and science. The refundable book deposit for all junior and senior high school students was raised from $10 to $15. Students who return their books in good condition will get their money back at the end of the year.

Keetch said the district has tried to keep fees low.

"We realize that additional fees or increases in existing fees create a financial burden for students and parents," he said. "We have done everything we could to avoid any increases."

Superintendent Clark Cox said fees are necessary to run programs.

"Most of those fees have been kept at an absolute minimum to make those programs work," he said. "Our purpose is not to get money from the youngsters, it's to get the return of the books, which cost us $17 when we don't get them back."

Parents will be notified of the increases. By law, no fees are charged for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Other fees required at the junior high level include a $2.50 towel and lock charge, a $2 locker fee, a $6 activity fee and $5 class change fee.

High school students who want to participate in extracurricular activities should be prepared to pay up to $300, depending on the group they're involved in. Performing music group participants and debate team members must pay $200, for instance. Cheerleaders pay $300, and drama members pay $60.