The luxury yacht Monkey Business, which ferried former presidential candidate Gary Hart to the Bahamas with model Donna Rice, was seized Saturday when U.S. Coast Guard officers found marijuana on it, officials said.

"They found one gram of marijuana, that's one-twenty-eighth of an ounce. According to `Zero Tolerance,' if we find enough to test positive it's enough to seize the vessel," said Petty Officer Dan Vogeley."The one gram of marijuana tested positive," he said.

The 82-foot yacht was boarded during a routine safety check about 22 miles northwest of the Bahamian island of Bimini, and a member of the boarding party spotted rolling papers used to make marijuana cigarettes.

"We consider that probable cause," said Vogely. A further search uncovered a single joint of marijuana in the pocket of a jacket hanging in a closet.

The four people on board, whose names were not released, have not been arrested because the marijuana has not been linked to anybody, Vogeley said.

The cutter Cape Shoalwater escorted the Monkey Business to the Coast Guard's base.