Former Gov. Norm Bangerter has been called to serve as a mission president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Bangerter, 63, said he doesn't know where he and his wife, Colleen, will serve the three-year mission, but said he has been told his destination will be an English-speaking country. He said he should know where he'll be sent in a month or two and expects to leave the state in mid-June.The LDS Church has 302 missions throughout the world.

Bangerter, a South Jordan resident and real estate developer, said he will spend the next few months getting his business affairs in order. He said he is feels in good health and fully recovered from his angioplasty surgery in December but will undergo a physical exam before leaving.

Bangerter, a Republican, was Utah's 13th governor, retiring in 1993 after serving two terms.