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PRODUCER KILLED: Unidentified gunmen knocked on the door of the producer of a popular Russian TV program and shot and killed him, a news agency reported Friday. The assailants arrived at the house around 11 p.m. Thursday and shot Oleg Slabynko, 24, several times at close range, the Interfax news agency said. Slabynko was a producer of the Moment of Truth talk show, a popular Russian TV offering in which audience members could ask questions of well-known figures. Last March, gunmen killed Vladimir Listyev, a 38-year-old journalist and businessman, who served as director of the giant Ostankino TV network that has now become Russian Public Television. Police later arrested a criminal gang member and charged him with organizing the assassination of Listyev, also a widely popular television host.

NAVAL BATTLE: The Philippines confirmed Friday that a naval patrol boat engaged in a heavy gun battle this week with two foreign ships that intruded into its waters. Defense Secretary Renato de Villa described the vessels as pirate ships that target boats between China and Subic Bay, a former U.S. naval base in the Philippines. The navy said a gunboat on anti-piracy patrol Monday spotted the two vessels 12 miles off Capones Island near northwestern Luzon and fired warning shots. The two ships sped off and the navy boat pursued, leading to a 11/2-hour gun battle, the navy said.

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JAILHOUSE KISS: A woman's jailhouse kiss had more than passion - it also contained a handcuff key that allowed her lover to escape. Christopher Glover, 20, was recaptured and indicted on charges of escape, possession of a dangerous weapon and armed carjacking. A grand jury in Dedham, Mass., on Wednesday indicted his 19-year-old girlfriend, Shannon Rideout, on charges of aiding an escape. Rideout wrapped the key in duct tape to slip it through the metal detector at the county jail on Nov. 9. Once inside, she hid the key in her mouth and passed it to Glover when she kissed him, said Assistant District Attorney Heather Kelley. A week later, he used the key to unlock his shackles and escape from a sheriff's van carrying him to court to answer charges he stole a car. Handcuff keys are often interchangeable. Glover allegedly carjacked two cars during his escape and was arrested after threatening to shoot one of the drivers, police said. It was not clear how Glover got the weapon.