The state will make available about $2 million in grants and loans to fund energy saving and alternative energy projects, Gov. Norm Bangerter said.

The money comes from to Utah from a federal court settlement for overcharges by oil companies that were passed on to consumers in high gasoline prices during the 1970s through 1981. Under guidelines from the court, the funds must be spent on energy savings projects that result in restitution to the public, Bangerter said.Projects directed toward energy efficiency and alternative energy development will be ranked according to the public restitution and benefit they provide. Applicants will also have to provide an in-kind or dollar contribution toward the project.

Funding cannot replace or supplant state or federal funding, a spokesman said.

The Utah Energy Conservation and Development Council will select eligible projects and determine funding levels.

Application deadline is Aug. 15 and a "proposers conference" will be held June 7 at 1:30 p.m. in the Utah Department of Natural Resources, 1636 W. North Temple.

Proposal forms and more information are available at the Utah Energy Office.