A white supremacist leader who ran a short-lived talk show last year must undergo AIDS testing after pleading no contest to charges he solicited sex from an undercover policewoman earlier this month.

Dwight McCarthy, 37, must also pay a $250 fine, according to a sentence handed down Wednesday by 5th Circuit Judge Paul Grant. McCarthy must undergo an AIDS test at the county health center and report back to the court within three weeks.

McCarthy, who ran the Aryan Nations Hour on KZZI radio in West Jordan, was issued a misdemeanor citation March 14 after agreeing to pay an undercover policewoman $40 for two specific sexual favors. The policewoman was working in the area of 1750 S. State.

"Do you realize that people who engage in (commercial sex) put the community at risk?" the judge asked McCarthy, who nodded his head.

"Is that any concern to you?" Grant asked. McCarthy nodded again and said, "That's why I'm taking precautions."

Last month, McCarthy announced the organization of his own white-separatist Fellowship of Christian Israel. He had been the Utah leader of the Aryan Nations Church. He left it after doctrinal disputes with that group's top leader, Richard Butler, over whether blacks, Jews and other non-white races have spirits. McCarthy says they do, but Butler disagrees.