Tammy Rimmasch, 7, didn't need the Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs to tell her that her father is a hero. She saw it with her own eyes.

Andrew Rimmasch, 3228 S. 23rd East, and his daughter were out riding bicycles Saturday evening in Parleys Gulch above Tanner Park when a 9-year-old boy rode off a cliff and was submerged in a creek."My daughter and I were just having a Coke and watching some boys ride their bikes around a track, then we left. But we had to return to get my coat and there were other boys riding bikes. So I told my daughter, `You follow them and I'll follow you and you can all watch me go over a trick jump.' "

Instead of doing the trick jump, Rimmasch jumped off the cliff to rescue Tommy Nichols, 2855 Lake View Drive.

When the father and daughter rode up, Steven Lance Harris, 9, was screaming that his friend had ridden off the cliff.

Rimmasch, who has been disabled for some time with a bad back, said it never occurred to him not to jump. "I just followed my instinct and there I was," he said.

Harris ran to Nichols' house to get help and Tammy Rimmasch stood on the cliff above to mark the spot where her father had dived for the boy.

The story had a happy ending. Lt. Lee Smith of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department said Nichols coughed up water and started breathing before emergency personnel arrived.

The boy is home after an overnight stay at Cottonwood Hospital, where he received 35 stitches.

"He's doing remarkably well," said Lynne Nichols, Tommy's mother. "He has a concussion and some pneumonia because he swallowed water. And all the way down his side he's pretty scraped up. But he's going to be all right.

"We can't thank Andrew enough for being there so our son is here. It was a wonderful thing to do and we are grateful."