Abortion protesters marched peacefully at the Utah Women's Health Center Saturday, but they carried and expressed strong messages against the procedure.

"Beware Doctors of Death. They forget their Oaths," read one sign carried by Jason Hunzie, 9, of Sandy, as he and about 20 men, women and children paraded in front of the center at 515 S. Fourth East.A sign draped in front of Carlee Hunzie, 6 months, who was carried by her mother, Jonna, read: "I'm Helpless - Will You Kill Me, Too?"

Linus Brown's sign said: "Abortion - The American Holocaust."

Jason Hunzie, his mother and father, and five brothers and sisters were among those braving threatening weather to participate in the protest, organized by the Salt Lake Christian Action Council.

Lee Ann Cheeley, council president, said the march, held each year before Mother's Day, was staged to "honor mothers who could have had an abortion but who chose not to. They chose something that required sacrifice."

The group, which frequently stages protests at the facility, included a number of babies and youngsters.

They handed out roses and literature to passers-by and people going into the clinic. Most of those traveling in cars going into the clinic's parking lot would not stop or accept the literature.

Cheeley said the council honored women who at some previous time were involved in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy and who chose to give their baby life. They were given a red rose. Also recognized, but with a white rose, were women who "formerly were pro-abortion but who have reconsidered and are now pro-life."

One of the latter recipients was Barbara Thompson, a former Minnesota resident now living in Salt Lake City.

"I used to be pro-choice until I learned the facts - that these are infants in the process of development from the time of conception. If you looked at them in a microscope, you'd know they were human," said Thompson, a licensed practical nurse at a Salt Lake hospital.

"We humans are created by God in the womb, and I think it is murder to go into the womb and destroy life. There are 2 million couples who are wanting to adopt children in this country. There are couples in America who want children, but the children are not available because of abortion. I feel for women who cannot conceive and who desire to have children. So women who have abortions do have an alternative, because there are people out there who are ready to adopt at anytime . . . ," Thompson said.

Brown, 68, and Donald Maxwell, also of Salt Lake City, marched together in front of the center.

Maxwell said he has spent years protesting abortion.

"I feel abortion is another mistake trying to cover up a mistake. We've (society) lost a sense of responsibility for our actions. I believe the time for a woman to make her choice is before the child is conceived - not afterward. Once a child is conceived, a man and woman have a responsibility to bring the child into the world and take care of it," Maxwell stated.

Brown said he is concerned about the labels placed on abortion.

"They don't call killing a child killing a child. They call it abortion."