Pint-size televisions, with screens as small as two inches, are coming into their own.

Though tiny TVs have been around for years, sharper new screens and extra features have expanded sales for these sets according to an article in Video Magazine.With overall dimensions as small as four inches and weights as low as 11 ounces, tiny TVs go anywhere, and consumers take them into some pretty unusual places.

There are two different screen types used in tiny TVs - the more-or-less standard cathode ray tubes and the later and clearer liquid crystal displays. The article notes a decreasing supply of models with LCD screens. The increasing value of the Japanese yen has driven the prices of these super-sharp screened tests out of sight.

Depending on features, tiny TVs can range in price from $100 for a small black and white set, to $1,399 for the Casio VF-3000.