Special investigator Nikolai Ivanov, who said Politburo member Yegor Ligachev figured in a probe of organized crime, has won a seat in the new Soviet parliament, officials said Monday.

Running against 27 other candidates, Ivanov won 60 percent of the vote in the contest for the citywide Leningrad seat, according to preliminary results obtained by Reuters from the regional Communist Party headquarters."This is a repeat of the Boris Yeltsin phenomenon," said Leningrad party spokesman Vladimir Kiryanov, referring to the fallen Kremlin radical who won in Moscow in March despite, and perhaps because of, his struggles with the party.

Kiryanov, contacted by telephone from Moscow, said he thought Leningrad voters had been angered by an attack on Ivanov published in Pravda Saturday, a day after the investigator implicated Ligachev and three former top officials during a televised debate.