A woman's body was found after a newspaper received a letter in which her husband allegedly confessed to killing her because she didn't understand his premonitions and said he left a list of 54 people who "will be punished."

"Last Friday night I shot and killed my wife," began the five-page letter, allegedly from David Schoenecker, 48, that was received Thursday by Orange County Register columnist Bob Emmers."There was no hatred - I loved her - but the action was necessary because I have a purpose and one that cannot have an interruption or interference," the letter said.

"Gail reasoned only in black and white or good and bad. She never dealt in the grey or devious world. A world where I now totally exist," it said.

The letter, dated Monday and handwritten on stationery from a Missoula, Mont., Travelodge, said there was a possibility that the body of Gail M. Schoenecker, 40, had not been discovered. The writer included the couple's address and advised Emmers to contact authorities.

"I never got anything like it before. It gave me the chills," Emmers said.

Police Sgt. Chet Barry said Friday that police had confirmed that the body they found Thursday afternoon in the Schoenecker's home was that of Mrs. Schoenecker, an elementary school teacher. The cause of death had not been determined, he said.

Schoenecker was last seen Sunday when he checked into the Travelodge. Authorities found nothing in the room where he apparently spent the night. His car was found abandoned Tuesday in the Lolo National Forest, about 60 miles west of Missoula, and cabins in the area were searched, Mineral County Sheriff Wade Van Gilder said.

A search warrant for the car had not yet arrived from Anaheim, officials said Friday. No other vehicles had been reported missing in the area.