A new and larger American flag, 10 feet longer than one stolen last month from a 110-foot flagpole at an office complex, will be raised Saturday at Ninth East and the Van Winkle Expressway.

A short program at 10 a.m. will precede a professional climber's effort to scale the pole and to reinstall new rope and steel-encased lanyards used to raise and secure the 30-by-60-foot flag. A flag-raising ceremony will be held about 11:30 a.m.Citizens and representatives of businesses who contributed a total of about $2,000 to replace the flag and the other equipment are invited to a 9:30 a.m. reception at Gull Laboratories, said Kelli Jaynes, a spokesperson for Spring Run Executive Offices and the laboratories, where the flagpole is located.

Salt Lake County Commissioner Dave Watson will speak and a Cottonwood High School student will provide music.

To prevent future thefts Jaynes said a piece of steel pipe was placed 30 feet above a lock box and the lanyards strung through the pipe. Would-be thieves would have to climb about 40 feet before they could even touch the cables.