Five months and a hundred leads have come and gone since Rosie Tapia was murdered in a canal of the Jordan River.

The detectives working her case don't let a day pass without remembering the 6-year-old and hoping for the break that will jail her killer. To them, the bright-eyed child could have easily been one of their own."We're all parents. That's why you can't forget this . . . it hits home like no other homicide we've had this year," said Salt Lake Police Capt. Norm Thompson.

Tapia was one of several Utahns murdered this year whom investigators consider to be "true victims" - children, mothers, fathers and grandfathers who either did not know their killers or did nothing to provoke them.

Her case also is among the minority of homicides that haven't been solved. Of the 75 murders statewide, detectives have identified, arrested or charged suspects in 61, including 13 cases that involved multiple suspects.

Forty-six of the victims died from gunshot wounds. Twelve were beaten or bludgeoned and seven were stabbed to death. The others met their deaths after being shaken, suffocated, drowned, burned or dragged by a car.

Police say the more familiar strain of domestic dispute tells the final stories of the majority of the year's homicide victims. But drug-related deaths were also higher in 1995 than ever before, especially in Salt Lake City.

Almost half of the city's 28 murders were linked to illicit drug activity.

"It's a trend much of the southwest United States is experiencing. About the only positive thing we can say is that it's mostly criminals killing criminals, although no murder is justified," Thompson said.

Investigators also point directly at illegal drug activity when discussing why the city broke its previous homicide record of 25 set in 1990. They say turf wars and/or disputes over money launch murderous intentions that spread from established dealers to the common user in Pioneer Park.

Part of the problem in the state's capital is the lack of jail space. Both the dead and their assailants in at least three cases - one with three victims - had previously been behind bars for drug-related offenses.

But the individuals were released because of overcrowding at the Salt Lake County Jail. The victims or suspects might have been held long enough to prevent their altercations had bed space been available, police contend.

More violence than usual also shook communities off the Wasatch Front.

"It used to be that a murder around here was unheard of," a Uintah County sheriff's dispatcher said, recalling the slashing death of Connie M. Richens, who was stabbed in the throat at her Vernal home. "It's never easy, especially when it happens in a small town."

Wasatch County Sheriff Mike Spanos has had to deal with not one but three separate murder investigations in 1995. The county's last homicide occurred in 1989.

"I think it has to do with our growing pains, the influx of people who are coming into the area," Spanos said. "I think if we'd had one (murder), and not three in a row, it may have gone by the wayside."

Spanos said although people aren't calling him day and night wondering if their community is safe anymore, there is talk about what's going on in the county.

Like many other communities, most homicides in rural Utah came from domestic disputes. Investigators say 25 of the 75 homicides statewide were tied to family fights, including six child-abuse deaths.

Other statistics for the 1995 homicides statewide:

- Seventeen were related to drug use or narcotics transactions; 12 were the result of an altercation; 12 involved circumstances that remain undetermined. Four were part of a robbery; four were ruled self-defense; three were ruled as accidents; four were gang-related.

- Forty-two of the victims were killed by someone they knew (61 cases have identified suspects).

- Male victims totaled 49; female victims totaled 26.

- Victims ranged in age from 1 to 71. Of the 75 victims, the highest concentration, by age, were 21 to 27 years old. Some 32 of the victims fell in that age range.

- Suspects ranged in age from 15 to 57 with the highest concentration falling in the 26 to 33 range.

- Of the cases where police have either identified a suspect or revealed the gender of the person sought in a slaying, five are women and 35 are men.

- Twenty-four of the year's cases have been resolved, either with convictions, acquittals, decisions not to file charges or determinations the killing took place by accident or in self-defense.

In the included summaries, the listed motives come from court documents and the beliefs of police and prosecutors who have investigated the crimes. In many of the cases the suspects have pleaded not guilty.



'95 Utah homicides

Salt Lake City 28

Salt Lake County 11


Ogden 6

West Valley City 4

Midvale 4

Sandy 2

Murray 1

West Jordan 1

Davis County 1

Summit County 1

Tooele County 1

Utah County 1

Wasatch County 3

Other counties 10

Total: 75



1. Jan. 16 - Victor Delgado-Ojedo, 22, was shot in the throat with a .22-caliber rifle at a reputed drug house on 226 N. 600 West. Police found him blood-soaked in a back bedroom of the home. They later charged Carl Leon Swanigan, 31, with murder, a first-degree felony. He told other residents in the home after the shooting, "I downed one. I'll down another. Nobody move. Everybody stay where you are. Keep your hands where I can see them," according to a search warrant. A jury found Swanigan not guilty on June 2. Alleged motive: drugs. Method: shot.

2. April 1 - Angel Cortez, 22, an entertainer from Los Angeles, was shot in the back at Centro Civico Mexicano, 155 S. 600 West. Only six of the more than 200 people attending a dance at the center came forward with information. Detectives believe they know who pulled the trigger but don't have enough evidence to charge the individual. The police department subsequently offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect but have yet to book anyone into jail. Motive: gangs. Method: shot.

3. April 2 - Jorge Salinas, 18, West Central City, was shot in the head by a gunman on an I-15 frontage road near 1600 South. He and two relatives had been fighting late Sunday with a group of people from the Camaleon Club at 826 S. Main. Detectives arrested a 15-year-old alleged gang member and booked him into juvenile detention. The boy, William Reveles, was found guilty of murder by a juvenile court judge in June. Witnesses at his trial said Reveles was the last of two boys to fire shots at the fleeing truck and, in fact, reloaded the gun and took careful aim with his last two bullets. He currently is serving time in a juvenile lockup; a probation hearing is scheduled for later this year. Alleged motive: gangs. Method: shot.

4. April 12 - Fernando Olivas, 37, was dragged from a car by two alleged drug buyers near Pioneer Park, 350 W. 300 South. Randy Brown, 35, and Robert Dillenbeck, 36, were arrested and originally charged with automobile homicide but now face trial March 26 for murder, a first-degree felony. Prosecutors said the pair tried to drive away without paying Olivas for drugs and one of them held onto the man, pressing his face into the dashboard, as their car sped down the street. Salt Lake police officer Joel Evans was behind the car and witnessed the incident. Alleged motive: drugs. Method: dragged behind car.

5. April 18 - Silverio Florez-Gonzales, 25, was found dead near the Salt Lake International Airport. He was wrapped in a blanket, bound by duct tape and floating in a shallow pond. He'd been shot once in the head. Police arrested Arturo Hernandez in Malad, Idaho, and charged him with murder, a first-degree felony. He pleaded guilty on Dec. 11 to a lesser charge of obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony, after admitting that he helped hide the body. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the murder charge; they never believed Hernandez was the triggerman but can't find the true suspect, Serio Miranda. Sentencing for Hernandez is scheduled on Jan. 11. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

6. April 21 - Roger Lee Bowman, 28, a transient possibly from Oroville, Calif., was found stabbed to death in a culvert near 600 W. 1300 South. His girlfriend found him and called police. Investigators believe he was placed there after suffering multiple punctures somewhere else. No arrests have been made. Suspected motive: drugs. Method: stabbed.

7. April 23 - Oscar Herrera, 27, was killed during a drive-by shooting while he sat in the apartment of a friend, 726 S. Jeremy St. (850 West). Detectives say he was not the intended victim. Police followed a car matching a witness description and a standoff with police ensued. But officers could not find any evidence linking the suspects to the drive-by shooting. No weapons were found and no arrests were made. Motive: gangs. Method: shot.

8. April 26 - David Bender, 51, Rio Vista, Calif., a salesman, was found beaten and stabbed in a Motel 6 bathroom, 176 W. 600 South. Andrew Hanson, 32, who walked away from a halfway house the day before, was arrested and charged with one count each of capital murder and aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony. A preliminary hearing is scheduled to conclude on Jan. 26. Alleged motive: robbery. Method: beaten, stabbed.

9. May 8 - Christobal Ledesma, 29, was shot several times by another man after two groups of people argued at the El Rey Sports Club, 348 W. 500 South. Several people chased the suspect and shot at him, but he escaped. Detectives interviewed numerous witnesses, identifying Rene Robles as a prime suspect. They searched the man's apartment and recovered an SKS rifle. Prosecutors charged him with murder, a first-degree felony. He has apparently fled to Mexico. Alleged motive: drugs. Method: shot.

10. June 1 - Fidencio Lopez, 35, Fairpark, was shot in the head after two cars pulled up to a house he was visiting, 1500 W. 500 North, and the suspects began arguing with him. Detectives say the victim knew the suspects and may have argued briefly over drug-related activity. No arrests have been made. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

11. June 19 - Roman N. Lojik, 22, Pleasant Grove, was one of three men found dead in a dilapidated duplex at 242 W. North Temple. Detectives arrested Efrin Iglesias Hernandez, 26, and Luis Miguel Cruz, 19, both Mexican nationals, two days later after getting a tip from a woman who drove the men to the duplex. Court records state that Cruz admitted to police he shot two of the men in their heads at point-blank range after Hernandez shot the first man. Both suspects were charged with three counts of capital murder. They are awaiting a preliminary hearing. The shooting was Salt Lake City's first triple homicide with suspected ties to illegal drug activity. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

12. June 19 - Jorge Cruz, 24, believed to be a Mexican national. See above. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

13. June 19 - Cesar David Rivera, 23, also believed to be a Mexican national. See above. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

14. June 29 - Jay Kelly Tincher, 21, was shot by one of two people who approached the car he was riding in while waiting for a train at 800 W. South Temple. One of the suspects, a dark-skinned man riding a red 10-speed bike, allegedly asked Tincher for a cigarette. When Tincher told the man he had to say "please," the man shot him in the head. The woman driver turned around and drove to a 7-Eleven, 960 W. North Temple, where Tincher was treated by paramedics but died. No arrests have been made. Motive: unknown. Method: shot.

15. June 30 - Joel Flores, 54, was shot during a robbery at Valparaizo Cafe, 175 S. 900 West. Florez died of his injuries on July 8. His wife, Belen Flores, also suffered gunshot wounds but survived. Two gunman, one wielding a 9mm machine pistol, entered the restaurant just after closing and demanded money. When Joel Flores responded that he didn't have any, one of the suspects opened fire. Police arrested Armando Molina, 18, about an hour after the incident and a brief standoff in which several shots were fired at the boy by officers. He faces a preliminary hearing on one count each of capital murder, attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. The two latter charges are first-degree felonies. A 17-year-old accomplice was taken to juvenile detention and faces attempted murder and robbery petitions. Alleged motive: robbery. Method: shot.

16. July 13 - Gene R. Meadows, 40, Rose Park, was shot once in the head during a fight inside a home at 942 N. Catherine St. (1440 West). Witnesses said they saw David "Diablo" Martinez, 26, running from the home and driving away in a white Mustang after Meadows died. Martinez was arrested a week later in California after Santa Barbara County deputy sheriffs pulled him over for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. He was extradited back to Utah and faces a preliminary hearing Jan. 24 on one count of murder, a first-degree felony. Alleged motive: domestic, anger. Method: shot.

17. July 30 - Gold Cross Ambulance emergency medical technicians found John Leroy Wollschleger, 30, dead in the back of a truck at 700 West and 1600 South. He had been shot in the head and suffered lacerations and scrapes to his back. Police think he was killed somewhere else and may have been run over by a car before he was shot. No arrests have been made. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

18. Aug. 3 - Anthony Edenton, 48, died from numerous stab wounds to his back in the drive-through lanes of Guardian State Bank, 217 S. Edison (140 East). A witness said she saw two men fighting in the street. One, who turned out to be Edenton's 17-year-old son, Jarett, was on top of the older man "pounding" his back, the witness said. The victim crawled about 100 feet to the bank and died there. Jarret Edenton was subsequently charged with murder, a first-degree felony, as an adult, but prosecutors dismissed the charge because they couldn't find one of the two primary witnesses. The district attorney's office hopes to locate the witness and proceed with the charge. Edenton planned a defense similar to that of battered women's syndrome. Alleged motive: domestic, anger. Method: stabbed.

19. Aug. 5 - Debra Clifford, 43, was shot once in the head at 1716 S. Main. Her live-in boyfriend, Craig Fredrickson, 41, surrendered to police at the scene. Detectives said the two began arguing about Clifford's deceased husband. According to court testimony, the woman had just received her husband's ashes and was depressed. Frederickson confessed that when Clifford began talking about suicide, he put a .38-caliber handgun to her head and pulled the trigger. He then went to a lounge next door and had a beer. He pleaded guilty to murder and will be sentenced Jan. 12. Motive: domestic, anger. Method: shot.

20. Aug. 13 - Rosie Tapia, 6, was found floating in a surplus canal of the Jordan River about 2 miles from her family's apartment, 1601 W. Snow Queen Place (1675 South). Her mother discovered her missing from her bedroom about 6:30 a.m. Police say the girl's killer first sexually assaulted her and then drowned her in the canal. Her death frightened hundreds of residents of the apartment complex and dampened outdoor activities for weeks. Detectives chased down hundreds of leads, including more than 60 calls, after a $10,000 reward was announced. No arrests have been made, but police believe there are people who may know details that could help the investigation. Motive: unknown. Method: drowned.

21. Sept. 11 - Oscar Alberto Borques, 25, was shot once in the head at a suspected drug house, 260 W. 400 North. Dispatchers answered an anonymous call of shots fired but responding officers found nothing. Another caller led detectives to the rundown two-story structure hours later. They found Borques and another victim. Investigators interviewed several people but have not gathered enough evidence yet to arrest anyone. The shooting was the city's second multiple death during the year linked to illegal drug activity. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

22. Sept. 11 - Maria Monte-Sayala, 21. See above. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

23. Sept. 17 - Residents dumping garbage at the Salt Lake County Landfill found Fidel Castaneda-Reina, 27. He had been severely beaten around his head and torso. Detectives, who suspect the killing was drug-related, found an abandoned silver pickup truck 12 blocks away. It had a small amount of blood on the front left panel. No arrests have been made. Motive: drugs. Method: beaten.

24. Oct. 27 - Miguel M. Valenzuela, 21, died at LDS Hospital of severe head injuries. Police arrested his friend, Mauro Miranda, 19. He first told detectives that "gangsters" attacked him and Valenzuela in a parking lot at 1557 W. 200 South. Witnesses said otherwise and prosecutors charged Miranda with murder, a first-degree felony. They said the man pounded his friend's head against asphalt until he died. A preliminary hearing is scheduled in late January. Motive: anger. Method: fists.

25. Nov. 23 - The partially nude body of 33-year-old Melissa Griggs was found in a car near 700 West on 200 North. She is believed to be a homicide victim, but Salt Lake Police Sgt. Sam Hemmingway said detectives are not releasing the cause of death. He said the case does not appear similar to a prostitute who was bludgeoned to death with rocks in Wasatch County on Dec. 15. Motive: unknown. Method: unidentified.

26. Nov. 26 - Ignacio David Jaramillo, 32, was found dead in a house at 745 Denver St. (440 East) with a shotgun wound to the chest. Oscar Vallejo-Caro, 27, was charged with murder Dec. 8 but remains at large. An anonymous caller led detectives to Jaramillo's body, which was propped against a couch in the basement. Court charges say Vallejo-Caro told his brother about the slaying and told a friend to listen to a police radio scanner for information about a murder "at the blue house." Days later, Vallejo-Caro allegedly returned to the house and washed blood-soaked money in the sink and dried it in the microwave. Motive: drugs. Method: shot.

27. Dec. 20 - Manuel Portillo, 22, was shot in his arm and back during an attempted robbery outside a home at 458 N. 300 West. Detectives charged Jim Paul Delli, 18, and Glen Jackman, also 18, with murder and aggravated robbery, both first-degree felonies. Their next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 2. Investigators say the two apparently didn't know the victim. Portillo was also a known drug dealer who had been deported from the United States in 1990. Motive: robbery. Method: shot.

28. Dec. 28 - Joel Dominguez, 33, died from injuries he received during a Dec. 6 house fire at 139 Edith Ave. (1180 South). Fire investigators determined the blaze was intentionally set. Dominguez, of Chihuahua, Mexico, was burned over 67 percent of his body. He remained in intensive care at University Hospital until he died. No arrests have been made. Motive: unknown. Method: burned.


1. Feb. 28 - Lisa Lee, 21, also known as Lisa Lewellyn, was shot by her boyfriend, who then killed himself. The man was identified as Michael Joseph Ochse, 38. The couple was pulling out of their driveway at 359 N. Locust (7720 South and 500 West) when the man apparently pulled out a 9mm Ruger. She died at the scene. He later died at LDS Hospital. At the time of the slayings, Ochse was facing several sex-abuse-related charges involving a former girlfriend's daughters. Motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.

2. June 9 - Teresa Aguilar, 8 months, 275 S. Allen Street, was found not breathing when emergency crews arrived and later died. Her father, Tomas Jesus Aguilar, 40, had been caring for the child and took her to a neighbor's house when she had gotten ill. An autopsy determined the baby died from blunt force trauma to the torso. Tomas Aguilar later pleaded guilty to child abuse homicide, a second-degree felony, and was sentenced to five years in prison and will then be deported to Mexico. Motive: child abuse. Method: beaten, blunt force trauma.

3. July 8 - Krystal Tibbets, 3, suffocated after her adopted father, Donald Lee Tibbets, 35, allegedly used a controversial "holding therapy" technique designed to provoke a child into a rage and expose underlying sources of anger. A witness said he watched Donald Lee Tibbets, a registered nurse, lay on the child to restrain her and press his fist hard enough into her stomach that he could see her ribs. Prosecutors said the therapy went on too long and the weight of Tibbets' body on top of the 35-pound girl caused her to suffocate. He pleaded not guilty to child-abuse homicide, a second-degree felony. His trial is scheduled to begin in March. Alleged motive: child abuse. Method: suffocation.

4. Nov. 18 - Nicholas Dirkson, 17, Midvale, was shot three times outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken, 285 W. 7200, after reportedly confronting a group of teens he thought may have stolen his car stereo. Dirkson, the father of twin daughters, died at the scene. Phokham "Doughboy" Keomenivong, 17, Kearns, a known gang member, was charged as an adult with murder, a first degree felony. He is still at large. Alleged motive: anger, gangs. Method: shot.


1. Nov. 2 - Ivette Lopez, 34, died after being shot twice with a shotgun inside her apartment at 4365 S. Fairbourne (195 East). Investigators say the victim's ex-boyfriend, Luis M. Salazar, 22, followed Lopez and shot her in front of her 13-year-old son. Salazar, a Mexican national, reportedly ran from the apartment after the shooting and is still at large. He is charged with murder, a first-degree felony. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.


1. March 1 - Donald Joseph Moyes, 36, Salt Lake City, was shot and killed during a robbery attempt at the Canyon Rim Smith's Food and Drug Store. A store clerk, Nate Nusz, 17, was injured in a struggle with Moyes. Nusz was shot twice during the struggle but managed to wrestle the gun from Moyes and shoot him twice. Moyes died at the scene. Nusz was cleared by the district attorney's office, which ruled the incident was "a classic case of self-defense." Motive: self-defense. Method: shot.

2. March 10 - Tara Talbot, 3, died of head injuries after spending a day in a comatose state at Primary Children's Medical Center. A helicopter rushed her to the hospital a day earlier after her aunt, Glenna Talbot, called 911 and said the child was unconscious in her Magna home, 3050 S. 9000 West. The aunt said Tara had fallen from the top bunk of a bunk bed, a drop of 41/2 feet. But the medical examiner said the wounds were not consistent with a fall from a bunk bed. He also found puncture wounds believed to be caused by a corn cob skewer on her leg, torso, chest and back. Police say the girl was also marred with long scratches on her body, old bruises and missing patches of hair from her scalp. Glenna Talbot was subsequently charged with child abuse homicide and her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 10. Alleged motive: child abuse. Method: beaten.

3. April 30 - Andrea Maurine Clayson, 23, Kearns, died from seizures she suffered as a result of injuries she sustained as a child. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide because the seizures were caused by injuries sustained in incidents of child abuse. Investigators said a family friend abused the girl when she was young and the injuries caused her to have seizures, even as an adult. The district attorney's office declined to prosecute the man on the homicide charges. Motive: child abuse. Method: beaten.

4. July 25 - Denice Carmen Lovato, 39, Millcreek, was found stabbed to death at 5005 S. Piper Blvd. (4900 West) - the Kearns house of her ex-boyfriend, Manuel Salcedo, 42. Police charged Salcedo with murder, a first-degree felony, but have never found him. The day before her death, Lovato had been working on getting a protective order against her longtime boyfriend. Investigators believe he has fled the country. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: stabbed.

5. July 25 - The remains of Tuesday Roberts, 15, and another girl were found buried at a West Salt Lake pig farm. The girls disappeared on their way to the Valley Fair Mall in March 1992. The man who led police to the bodies, prison inmate Robert Arguelles, is now the prime suspect in the slayings. No charges have been filed, however. Investigators are classifying these deaths as 1995 homicides, even though the deaths likely occurred in 1992. Motive: unknown. Method: unknown.

6. July 25 - Lisa Martinez, 16. See above. Motive: unknown. Method: unknown.

7. Aug. 10 - Chad Sullivan, 17, 8521 S. Fayeway Drive (1170 East), was playing "quick-draw" with another 17-year-old boy when a .357 magnum discharged, striking Sullivan in the head. He was flown to LDS Hospital, where he died a few hours later. The other teen later pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. Motive: accidental. Method: shot.

8. Sept. 25 - Michael Lee Bartlett, 19, Salt Lake City, was found in a ravine in Big Cottonwood Canyon. He'd been shot, apparently over drugs. His body was badly mutilated from the fall down the ravine and had to be identified through fingerprints. Brandon Gary Korous, 21, was charged with tampering with evidence and murder, a first-degree felony. Jerry W. Dickey, 34, was also charged with murder. Witnesses said the pair was mad at Bartlett and part of the reason they shot him was to make an example of him, according to detectives. A preliminary hearing for both men is scheduled for Jan. 26. Alleged motive: drugs, anger. Method: shot.

9. Oct. 12 - Fred Michelsen, 61, Taylorsville-Bennion, was shot several times in the torso about 11 p.m. in his home, 2010 W. Lindsay Drive (4135 South). His estranged wife, Sally Michelsen, 46, was charged with murder, a first-degree felony. Investigators characterize Sally Michelsen as possessive, obsessed and jealous and say they have evidence that she may have been harassing him in the weeks before the shooting. She pleaded not guilty and trial is scheduled for March 4. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.

10. Nov. 1 - Arian Salguero Huerta, 17, Mexico, was found dead from a single gunshot wound to the body outside a Millcreek apartment complex, 794 W. 3900 South. Another man, Everado Colin Camorlinga, 21, was found shot inside an apartment. He survived. Police believe the killing to be drug-related. No one has been arrested for the shootings, but investigators say they have good leads they are pursuing. Alleged motive: drugs. Method: shot.

11. Unknown date - Sheriff's detectives say an infant was killed but have declined to release any information on the case because relatives are suspected in the child's death. Investigators don't want the relatives to know that the death has been ruled a homicide until they complete their investigation. Charges are expected to be filed soon. Alleged motive: child abuse. Method: beaten.


1. Aug. 17 - Phillip Boykin, 21, California, died in an early morning explosion inside a home at 8876 S. 400 East - although it was later determined Boykin sustained gunshot wounds before the blast. A woman who was asleep inside the home suffered minor injuries and later said she awoke to see an object flying through the window immediately before the explosion. An bomb was found in a suitcase outside a nearby house five days later. Douglas L. Birkinbine, 33, who is at large, was charged in October with possession of an explosive device in connection with the suitcase bomb - but police don't consider Birkinbine an "official" suspect in the Boykin slaying. Detectives, however, say the incidents may be related. Motive: unknown. Method: explosives, shooting.

2. Oct. 2 - Lauren Haley Chapman, 2, died a day after suffering massive head injuries while being watched by her mother's live-in boyfriend, Gary S. Miller, inside his home at 9816 S. Wimbleton Drive (2210 East). Miller, 35, told detectives Lauren fell about 5 feet from the top of a stairway. But an autopsy revealed a fall would not account for the injuries that killed the child, according to court documents. Police say Lauren likely died from shaken baby syndrome and possibly from having her head beaten on a very hard object. Miller was charged in November with murder, a first-degree felony, and an alternative charge of child abuse homicide, a second-degree felony. A disposition hearing is scheduled for Jan. 16. Alleged motive: child abuse. Method: beaten.


1. April 10 - Terry Dean Stewart, 32, Salt Lake City, was shot and killed when a brawl erupted at the funeral of his son-in-law Aaron Lee Greuber at Memorial Estates, 6500 S. Redwood Road. Charlotte Marleen Longshaw, 32, was charged with murder, a first-degree felony, for allegedly shooting Stewart with a long-barreled revolver while he was fighting with her half-brother, Johnny Sloan. The fracas that ended with the slaying began minutes after a prayer service for about 35 family members of Grueber. They had gathered for the man's funeral despite friction among them over his death from a drug overdose. Longshaw says she brought the gun to the funeral for protection and to keep peace because Stewart had brandished a gun the night before. Her trial is scheduled in January. Alleged motive: anger. Method: shot.


1. Jan. 14 - Denise Morrey, 31, was shot in the head by her live-in boyfriend, Felix Vigil. She was found in the basement of a West Valley apartment, 4904 W. 3285 South, with a gunshot wound through the back of her head. Police received a 911 call from a man claiming his gun had accidentally fired, striking his girlfriend. Police later found a 9mm handgun at the scene. Vigil, 37, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, a class A misdemeanor, and will be sentenced in February. Motive: accidental, domestic. Method: shot.

2. April 15 - Tabbatha Rae Harvey, 1 month, suffocated after being placed face-down in her crib on on a fluffy flannel pillow by her 18-year-old mother. Police say the mother exercised negligence, but prosecutors refused to press criminal charges. Motive: accidental. Method: suffocation.

3. Aug. 7 - Amy Vanderveen, 21, died after suffering a single gunshot wound to the right side of her head. The fatal bullet was fired from a 9mm handgun owned by her estranged husband, Laurance Vanderveen, 22, Kearns. The couple was apparently speaking together inside a home at 2515 W. 3077 South when shots rang out. A 17-year-old baby sitter witnessed the shooting, although no children were home at the time. Laurance Vanderveen fled the scene and was later located when police investigated a one-car accident at 2100 South and 7200 West. Laurance Vanderveen had apparently shot himself in the head while driving and was taken to an area hospital where he later died. Motive: domestic dispute. Method: shooting.

4. Nov. 12 - Jesus Escobedo, 15, died after being shot once in the head at his apartment at 3719 S. 3375 West. Police say the victim was looking at a 10mm pistol when his roommate, Ruben C. Alvarado, 25, grabbed the gun, inserted a clip into magazine, pointed it at Escobedo's head, said "nice, huh" and pulled the trigger. Alvarado, who was charged with manslaughter, a second-degree felony, said he did not know the weapon was loaded. A preliminary hearing is slated in January. Motive: unknown. Method: shooting.


1. June 18 - Dominic Oliveto, 71, Price, and his wife were shot by their estranged son-in-law Charles R. Westbrook, 45, at their business in Price on Father's Day. Westbrook and the Olivetos' daughter were going through a divorce at the time of the shooting. Carbon County deputy sheriffs found Westbrook's body later the same day on a hill overlooking the town. He died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.

2. June 18 - Jan Oliveto, 64, a Price councilwoman. See above. Motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.


1. Aug. 12 - Bryan Anderson, 38, Brigham City, was shot by a Brigham City police officer after pointing a 12-gauge shotgun at another officer. Police said Anderson had a history of substance abuse and had barricaded himself in his house. The one-day standoff came to an end after negotiations broke down and Anderson came out of the house armed. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting by the sheriff's office and the Box Elder County Attorney. Motive: self-defense. Cause: shot.


1. Oct. 1 - Lee Anderson, 39, Sunset, was shot and killed as he entered the Kaysville apartment of Randy Watson. Three men burst through the front door just after 2 a.m. and attacked Watson, demanding he refund their money from a soured drug deal. In the ensuing struggle, Watson, 25, pulled out a .32-caliber pistol and shot Anderson once in the head. Police declined to charge Watson under the state's defense of habitation law but did charge him with being a restricted person in possession of a firearm, a second-degree felony. Watson, now in prison on an unrelated drug charge, has pleaded not guilty to the weapons charge and is scheduled for a Jan. 9 court date. Alleged motive: self-defense, drugs. Method: shot.

2. Oct. 15 - James E. Duncan, 41, was shot to death in his North Salt Lake apartment, 55 W. Center. His live-in girlfriend, Laurie McGarry, 38, is charged with manslaughter, a second-degree felony. Prosecutors and her defense attorney have indicated a plea bargain is being worked out and she is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 9. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.


1. Aug. 20 - David James Kelly, 55, Las Vegas, was shot by his wife, Mary J. Kelly, 44. The couple was from Las Vegas but were staying in a condo they owned in Brian Head. Mary Kelly says the shooting was in self-defense. But she is charged with murder, a first-degree felony. Her trial is set for May 13. Initially incarcerated in Iron County Correctional Facility, Kelly met a $60,000 bail. She returned to Las Vegas and the couple's 12-year-old son while awaiting trial. Alleged motive: domestic dispute, anger. Cause: shot.


1. May 22 - Douglas L. Greer, 27, Fillmore, was shot in the face at near point-blank range with a .45-caliber handgun after he and a friend knocked on the door of a cabin owned by Larry Ross Harmon, 57, Fillmore, looking for help. The boys said they had gotten bogged down in mud after four-wheeling. Raymond Thomas, 20, also of Fillmore, was shot in the left arm while running from the scene, police said. Harmon, however, told police he heard a disturbance and a loud pounding on his door. When there was no answer and the boys left, Harmon opened the door and shouted at them, "Do you know you're on private property and can be shot for trespassing?" Thomas told investigators. Police say Harmon got into his truck and followed the boys when the shootings took place. Harmon's attorney alleges the boys were not asking for help but instead may have been trying to break into the man's home. Harmon is charged with murder, a first-degree felony, and attempted murder. Harmon's trial begins Feb. 12. Alleged motive: anger. Method: shot.


1. Dec. 15 - Kee Smith, age and address unknown, was assaulted at a party and then beaten to death in a wash about 5 miles southwest of Montezuma Creek on the Navajo Indian Reservation in southeastern Utah, where his body was found. Two men, Curtis Benally, 33, Cortez, Colo., and Dennis Hatatley, 33, of Ismay, San Juan County, were each charged with "murder within Indian country." A federal grand jury indicted the two members of the Navajo Indian Tribe in connection with the beating death of Smith, another Navajo man. Hatatley's trial is scheduled for Feb. 21. An arrest warrant has been issued for Benally, who remains at large. Alleged motive: anger. Method: beaten.


1. Feb. 26 - Lucio Gonzales Soto, 24, was shot by his roommate and fellow co-worker, Jose Luis Rodriguez, 20, following an argument at an Ephraim trailer court. The two men were employed in the turkey industry as day workers. Following an altercation with a third man the night of Feb. 26, Rodriguez fatally shot Soto five times with a 9mm handgun. Police say Soto's girlfriend's 6-year-old son witnessed the slaying. Rodriguez pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a second-degree felony. He was sentenced to one to 15 years in prison, plus a one-to-five-year enhancement. Motive: domestic dispute, anger. Method: shot.


1. Aug. 7 - Sheila Kayleen Scales, 41, Upton, died from multiple gunshot wounds to her head. Her husband, Carl William Scales, wasn't charged until October; investigators didn't have enough evidence until then. A trial on the charge and five other counts of theft is scheduled to begin Jan. 23. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: shot.

2. Sept. 19 - Patricia Blanchard, 46, died during a violent attack at her Park City home, 2435 Little Kate Road. Investigators say John Blanchard, 51, confessed that he had broken into the home through a bathroom window and then choked Patricia to death. Police say he also told an investigator that he had no regrets about killing the woman. A trial is scheduled to begin April 24. Alleged motive: domestic dispute. Method: suffocation.


1. Nov. 16 - Quinton William Grange, 14 months, Midvale, was found dead in a car outside Grantsville after apparently suffocating. Also in the car was the body of the child's 21-year-old mother, Sandra Grange, who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Detectives believe the woman suffocated her son before committing suicide. Investigators aren't certain what motivated the slayings but say Sandra Grange may have had some unspecified medical problems. Motive: unknown. Method: suffocation.


1. Feb. 10 - Connie M. Richens, 33, Vernal, was stabbed in the throat at her home in Vernal after she and two men went into the woman's bedroom. Scott M. Reed of Roosevelt and Lucas Ray Black of Fort Duchesne were arrested. Reed, 30, pleaded guilty to murder, a first-degree felony, and was sentenced to five years to life. Charges against Black, 33, were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against Reed. Motive: domestic dispute. Method: stabbed.


1. Dec. 1 - Tillford Tapoof, 23, Whiterocks, Uintah County, was choked with jumper cables, dragged behind a car and finally beaten to death with rocks. Tapoof went drinking and driving with four people in the early morning hours of Dec. 1 and an argument ensued. Royja Kelly Ankerpont, 21, and Charles Headdress, 23, were indicted by a grand jury to stand trial for the killing March 18. A third suspect, 17, is being certified to stand trial as an adult. Federal authorities refuse to release his name. Alleged motive: anger. Method: beaten.


1. July 18 - Allen Lee Watters, age unknown, from Arizona, was shot in the chest with a .45-caliber pistol fired by Roslyn Stewart, 56, at Stewart's Charleston home about 5 miles southwest of Heber City. Prosecutors dropped a murder charge against Stewart, deciding the woman acted in self-defense. Stewart, an antique dealer, said Watters became drunk and violent on the night of the shooting, then assaulted an acquaintance of hers, smashing his face with the butt of a rifle. As the injured man fled the home, Stewart grabbed a phone and the .45. As Watters charged toward Stewart, she fired the gun, police say. Motive: self-defense. Method: shot.

2. Sept. 14 - G. Brent Winters, 40, was shot outside his trailer home near the Timber Lakes Estates subdivision in eastern Heber City. James Harker, 33, was arrested and later charged with capital murder, attempted murder and aggravated burglary. Police say Winters was inside the trailer with Tracey Bates Anderson, who is in her 20s, when Harker approached the residence and knocked on the door. Winters went outside and was shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest. Anderson was also shot but managed to call police. Harker has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Jan. 5. Alleged motive: anger. Method: shot.

3. Dec. 15 - Krystal Lynn Beslanowitch, 17, who moved to Salt Lake City from Spokane, Wash., with her boyfriend last summer was found dead along a bank of the Provo River in an area known as North Field. Her head had been badly beaten with rocks. No arrests have been made. Beslanowitch's boyfriend called Salt Lake police on Dec. 17 to report she was missing when she failed to return in the early hours of Dec. 15 after saying she was going to a nearby convenience store. Beslanowitch was a known Salt Lake prostitute, police say. Motive: unknown. Method: beaten.


1. July 30 - Thomas B. Foard, 43, St. George, was fatally shot in an alleged aggravated robbery after closing up the The Blarney Stone bar he managed in St. George. Foard's wife, Robin, found his body the next morning after she went looking for him. He was slumped over the bar and more than $700 in cash was stolen from the register, police say. Bar employees and patrons said Anthony Ray Edwards, 36, Mesquite, Nev., was last seen drinking with Foard after the bar was closed. A pistol registered to Edwards that matched the caliber used in the crime was found in a motel room where Edwards had stayed, police said. He was arrested Aug. 27 in San Francisco and is charged with capital murder. Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. He has pleaded not guilty and a trial is scheduled for Feb. 26. Alleged motive: robbery. Method: shot.


1. Feb. 3 - Alexander Payan, 20, was stabbed to death at a party in an Ogden home. Anthony P. Duran, 20, Huntsville, was arrested a couple of days later. The dispute apparently stemmed from the theft of a car stereo belonging to a relative of Payan, police said. Duran was sentenced in September to one to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of murder, a second-degree felony. Motive: anger. Method: stabbed.

2. Feb. 15 - Joanne Hansen, 37, and her 18-year-old daughter were shot and killed inside their Ogden home by their husband and stepfather, Fred Hansen. The couple was arguing in their bedroom about getting a divorce when Fred Hansen, 41, grabbed a gun and fired several time at his wife and her daughter, who was apparently in the room playing peacemaker. Hansen, a former police officer, called 911 and surrendered to authorities following a five-hour standoff. He pleaded guilty in December to capital murder and murder, a first-degree felony. Sentencing is scheduled in January. Motive: domestic dispute, anger. Method: shot.

3. Feb. 15 - Jovanna Findlay, 18. (see above). Motive: domestic dispute, anger. Method: shot.

4. Oct. 18 - Michael Woodrow Earley, 41, a transient, was found beaten to death in a room at the Motel Orleans. The body was so bloodied that officers couldn't immediately tell if there were any lacerations or knife wounds. David Archuleta, 17, was charged with aggravated murder and Maxine Rios, 23, was charged with murder, a first-degree felony. Both have pleaded not guilty. Archuleta's trial is scheduled for March 11 and Rios is scheduled to stand trial Feb. 8. Motive: unknown. Method: beaten.

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5. Oct. 29 - Larry Lynn Stewart, a transient, died when he struck his head on the concrete after being hit in the face by another male transient, Jack Mitschke. Investigators say the two men had been arguing over $10 at the time. Jack Mitschke was sentenced to a year in the Weber County Jail after pleading guilty to criminal homicide assault. Motive: money, anger. Method: beaten.

6. Dec. 28 - Rebecca Vargas, 27, was found bludgeoned to death in an Ogden home by her sister. Vargas was lying on her coat in a pile of blood-spattered leaves on the east side of the three-unit apartment house. Police say they have several possible suspects, but have made no arrests. Motive: unknown. Method: beaten.