If your computer freaked out or you saw dark smoke coming from Brigham Young University's power plant smoke stack, you may have also discovered that your clock was blinking 12:00 Thursday morning.

All these strange happenings were the result of a few power bumps and surges that occurred following equipment failure at Utah Power & Light Co.'s Hale Plant at the mouth of Provo Canyon.The power bumps or surges forced computer equipment in the BYU plant to shut down and put the boilers out of service with red coals still burning. When the equipment was back on line, a small amount of untreated smoke escaped, said BYU Utilities Engineer Robert Rhoads.

The smoke was not in violation of Environmental Protection Agency standards because the agency makes provisions for such power failures, said BYU Spokesman Paul Richards.

Brief power outages were reported throughout the area including the University Mall in Orem.