Nineteen Brigham Young University faculty members have been advanced to the rank of full professor effective Sept. 1.

"This prestigious rank is given to those who distinguish themselves as citizens of the university, teachers of quality and significant scholars," said Provost and Academic Vice President Jae R. Ballif.The administration of BYU also announced the promotions of an additional 34 members of the faculty.

The following faculty members, listed by college and department, have been advanced to the ranks indicated:

Biology and Agriculture: professor - Von D. Jolley, agronomy and horticulture; John M. Hill Jr., food science and nutrition; Hal Lunt Black, zoology.

Education: professor - J. Lloyd Eldredge and Marvin N. Tolman, elementary education; Thomas J. DeLong, secondary education.

Engineering and Technology: professor - Richard L. Rowley and Kenneth A. Solen, chemical engineering.

Family Home and Social Sciences: professor - Alan Hopwood Grey, geography; Ronald W. Walker, history; associate professor - Bernard Poduska, family sciences; Rodney D. Bohac, history; Gary M. Burlingame, psychology; Barbara R. Wheeler, social work.

Fine Arts and Communications: professor - Wulf E. Barsch and James C. Christensen, art; associate professor - Bruce H. Smith, art; Russel H. Mouritsen, communications.

Harold B. Lee Library: associate librarian - Linda W. Brown, Russell T. Clement, Janet O. Francis, Gail O. King, Dale S. Swensen and Albert Winkler.

Humanities: professor - Elouise M. Bell, English; associate professor - Michael J. Call, French and Italian.

J. Reuben Clark School of Law: professor - James D. Gordon and Richard G. Wilkins; associate law librarian - Gary L. Hill.

Nursing: associate clinical professor - Sandra S. Magnum and Lana B. Riddle.

Physical Education: associate professor - Connie L. Blakemore, physical education-sports; Catherine H. Black, physical education-dance; associate dance professor - Susanne Johnson Davis, physical education-dance; athletic professional - Karl Tucker, Ann Valentine and Lu Wallace, physical education-sports; associate athletic professional - Willard M. Hirschi and Sherald M. James, health Sciences; Richard G. Felt, physical education-sports; assistant athletic professional - Roger French, Antti Olavi Julkunen, R. Gaye Merrill, Kenneth R. Schmidt, physical education-sports; Glen C. Parker, recreation management and youth leadership.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences: professor - Andrew Pollington, mathematics; associate professor - Steven E. Jones and Ross L. Spencer, physics and astronomy.

Religious Instruction: professor - Larry E. Dahl and Clark V. Johnson, church history and doctrine; associate professor - Alan K. Parrish and Rex C. Reeve Jr., ancient scripture.

School of Management: professor - Milton E. Smith, business management.