One of several dozen bones found by searchers combing the foothills above Fairview, Sanpete County, this week has been identified as a human patella, or kneecap, according to Bountiful Police Chief Larry Higgins.

The searchers were looking for the remains of Debi Kent, a 17-year-old Viewmont High School student from Bountiful who was kidnapped and murdered 14 years ago by confessed serial killer Ted Bundy.Bundy gave law enforcement officials details of Kent's Nov. 8, 1975, kidnapping and murder before his execution. Bundy said he buried Kent in the hills between Fairview and Mayfield, Sanpete County.

A search for possible remains was delayed until snow melted and ground-search crews could get into the area. Ten small bags of bones were recovered from widely scattered areas and turned over to the state medical examiner's office.

All of the bones except one, the right kneecap, were determined to be animal bones, according to Higgins. The kneecap was classified as human on Wednesday.

Higgins said searchers divided the area described by Bundy into grids, then used probes and metal detectors to search for remains. Bones recovered were tagged so searchers can return to a specific site where a bone was found.

Higgins said a search of the site where the patella was found will resume in a few days.

"It will be a concentrated search to determine if there's any more bones there," said Higgins. "We'll be taking sufficient people, including the Bountiful Jeep Posse, the Sanpete County sheriff's office, and the search-and-rescue team."