A former Utah man has been acquitted of two misdemeanor charges stemming from a shooting incident involving a state wildlife conservation officer.

A six-member 5th Circuit Court jury on Tuesday found Milford McRaven Renner, 42, formerly of Pinto, not guilty of interfering with or harassing a state officer and carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle, both Class B misdemeanors.However, the jury convicted Renner, now living near Lake Mead in Nevada, of a Class A misdemeanor count of failure to stop at the command of a peace officer, said Deputy Washington County Attorney Brent Langston.

Defense attorney Doug Terry said he planned to appeal.

Renner waived time for sentencing and Judge Robert F. Owens imposed a $1,000 fine, suspending $500. Renner was also given a 30-day suspended jail term and placed on one year unsupervised probation.

The charges stemmed from a June 8, 1988, shooting incident at Pinto.

Police said at the time that Renner and a friend had been involved in a minor accident just south of Pinto when Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer Doug Messerly happened along and stopped to offer assistance.

Messerly said he originally had seen a van off the road with a flat right front tire. He drove into town, then returned to find Renner and his friend in another vehicle.

An argument ensued and the pair told Messerly they were going to a nearby cabin. Messerly said he followed the vehicle, flashing red lights.

Messerly said that when he arrived at the cabin, he again attempted to have the pair cooperate so he could complete his investigation, but they refused.

He said that as he waited outside the property in his vehicle, he heard a shot fired and then heard shotgun BBs rattle on his vehicle and in a nearby tree.

Reinforcements were called and Renner subsequently surrendered. There were no injuries.