Daniel Eugene Binick, the man who hid from a Baltimore murder warrant in Utah for 10 years before turning himself in, will probably be on his way back to Maryland soon in response to an extradition request presented Friday to Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Bangerter will probably decide sometime next week whether to extradite Binick to face murder charges in the death of a Baltimore bar owner 13 years ago.But Bangerter doesn't really have much choice in the matter. Recent Supreme Court rulings have virtually eliminated a governor's discretion in extraditing fugitives wanted in other states. As long as the documents are in order, the governor essentially has no choice but to honor the request.

Binick is wanted for the murder of Walter P. Seborowski, who died a month after he was shot during the robbery of a Baltimore tavern in March 1975.

Binick moved to Utah 13 years ago and changed his name to Jerry LaBeau. He married a Utah woman and has apparently lived an exemplary life with no arrests.

Friends have rallied since March 14 when he turned himself in to the FBI.