Utah, which traditionally has had the highest per capita consumption of ice cream in the nation, set a new state record for ice cream production last year - 10.6 million gallons.

The Utah Agricultural Statistics Service says the new figure is 8 percent above the previous record high set in 1987.Utah's 1988 production of all dairy products, except creamed cottage cheese, was above the 1987 levels. Total cheese production was 64 million pounds, 10 percent above the 1987 figure.

American cheese production totaled 35.9 million pounds compared to 33.1 million pounds the previous year. Swiss cheese production was 24 million pounds - 14 percent higher than 1987; curd cottage cheese hit 4.3 million pounds, up 4 percent from 1987, and butter hit 10.7 million pounds, up 19 percent from the previous year.

Creamed cottage cheese, at 3.6 million pounds, was down 8 percent from 1987.