A 15-year-old girl is suing the boy who was supposed to take her to the high school prom, contending he owes her about $50 for the shoes, flowers and hairdo she never got to wear.

Tomontra Mangrum said everything was set for the April 7 formal and her date stood her up."I talked to him on April 2 and he said he already had his tux and the tickets," said the Berean Christian School freshman. "I was very upset when he didn't show up."

"She didn't believe me when I told her I fractured my ankle," said Marlon Shadd, a student at Palm Beach Lakes High School.

Shadd also said he had to go out of town that night.

Both students appeared Wednesday at the Palm Beach County Courthouse after Mangrum's mother filed a court claim demanding that Shadd pay $49.53 - the cost of the shoes, flowers and the hairdo. The $280 dress was returned to the store.

Filing the claim cost $31.75.

Trial was set for July.