Campbell may say its soup is "Mm! Mm! Good," but the country's the largest soup producer can no longer tout it as promoting good health - unless it can prove it.

Campbell Soup Co. settled a year-old dispute Wednesday with nine states over advertised claims that the company's soups provide health benefits and may help prevent some types of cancer."Where we make a specific claim, it has to be true," said James H. Moran, a Campbell spokesman. "If we say something is promoting good health, we've got to be able to document that."

The agreement does not affect a complaint filed against Campbell in January by the Federal Trade Commission, which accused the company of overstating the health benefits of its chicken noodle soup.

Campbell advertisements misled consumers by failing to alert them of the soup's sodium content, the agency charged.

Campbell halted the ads challenged by the nine states a year ago, but Moran said the company plans to fight the FTC complaint.

"We're standing by the ad and we're going to court and prove our case," said Moran.

Camden-based Campbell sells about 5 billion cans of soup a year, garnering about 65 percent of the $2.2 billion retail U.S. soup market.